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(Memphis) – A Memphis mother wants answers about the death of her son and why charges are being dropped against the man arrested for killing him.
It makes the second time she’s been a victim in this case.  

“We need to do something about this. I’m tired of getting slapped in the face. I’m going to be here to fight for my brother to the end,” said Anthony Gilliam, victim’s brother.

   Anthony Gilliam is hurt Ryan Nelson, the man police arrested for killing his brother, Dennis, will likely be released with time served. Prosecutors say there isn’t enough evidence to take him to trial so they dropped murder charges.

 “Just done killed my son and nothing happening and we got this prosecutor that really haven’t done anything  but I know they reap what they sow,” said Mattie Williams, victim’s mother.

Gilliam’s mother, Mattie Williams, has been though a lot since her son’s death last September. His body was found inside his home. He’d been shot twice in the head. Gilliam’s stepdaughter’s boyfriend, Ryan Nelson, was the prime suspect but he ran. Desperate to find him, Williams paid almost $6,000 to a man she thought was a  bounty hunter. It turns out he was a fake. She’d lost her money and her son.

“I wanted to hurry up and find Ryan. Ryan had killed my son,” explained Williams.

“What the victim’s family wants is always important to us but we still have a legal obligation to everyone in the state to prosecute fairly and ethically and it’s not ethical to go forward if you don’t believe you have enough evidence to convict,” said Tom Henderson, Asst. Shelby Co. District Attorney.

The Shelby County District Attorney’s office says even if Ryan Nelson is allowed to walk out of the CJC in two weeks that doesn’t mean that he or anyone else cannot be brought up on charges again.

Nelson is due back in court September 10th. That is when he could be released.