Family concerned, confused after Westwood home is shot up

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Angela Gordon and her husband Vidal were fast asleep Tuesday morning when, suddenly, they were jolted awake by gunfire.

“I heard something go pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,” Gordon said.

Panicked, the two of them jumped out of bed, but a quick scan of the house by Vidal didn’t reveal any damage.

“So, he got back into bed and we went back to sleep,” Gordon said.

Going back to sleep isn’t something most people would be calm enough to do, but Gordon and her husband are used to gunfire. She said they’ve heard it a lot since moving into their Westwood home on Loral Cove back in January.

“That’s what goes on in this neighborhood,” Gordon said.

This incident happened around 2 a.m., but Gordon made a startling discovery when she got up four hours later and walked into the living room.

“I noticed that there was plaster on the floor, and I looked at the wall, and the wall had the hole in it,” she said.

She first saw a single bullet hole, but the more she and her husband looked, the more they found. There were five in all, including two on the porch and one that went through the front door and ricocheted off the wall and TV before lodging itself in the armrest of the couch.

“It was a scary thought,” Gordon said.

And it was a close call because Gordon’s husband falls asleep on that couch most nights.

“I don’t want to think about that. I just I think everything happens for a reason,” Gordon said.

Gordon said she doesn’t know who fired the shots and definitely doesn’t know why anyone would target them.

“We don’t bother anybody. We stay to ourselves. We stay in the house,” she said.

Given all that, she believes the shooting was a random drive-by. That’s something that would still terrify most people, but Gordon said she’ll get over it.

“The first 24 hours, I was scared and ready to move out like now, but now, I’m okay,” she said.

WREG will let you know if any arrests are made in this case.

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