Family: 6-year-old will ‘not die in vain’

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MADISON COUNTY, Miss. -- Kingston Frazier's murder left a gaping hole in both the Frazier and Archie families.

But still Kingston's great uncle, David Archie, said they aren't mad.

"I have not heard many in the family just to say that we want to get back at anybody. I haven`t heard that."

Byron McBride, DeAllen Washington and Dwan Wakefield were charged with the 6-year-old's murder. That's four lives Archie said have effectively ended and for no reason.

"Sixteen to 30 are committing these crimes that you just can`t take back, and to be honest with you, I don`t think that they know the consequences of it. Some of them just don`t know the consequences," Archie said.

That's why he and other members of the family said they're so committed to getting men ages 16 to 30 on the right track.

They have the backing of many in Jackson.

"A lot of men don`t feel like they have choices. We don`t have anything fun to do. You see the cinemas are gone, the businesses are gone, the jobs are gone," said Robert Davis with the Better Men Society.

But others said there's no excuse for shooting an innocent child and if these three men did it, they want them to take responsibility.

"We just want them, whoever did it, just to face up. We all make bad decisions in our life that we got to hold up to, own up to."

"At the end of the day, I think that Kingston would not die in vain."


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