Facial recognition: The way of the future?

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NEW YORK — More and more, faces are being scanned to unlock day to day tasks.

Facial recognition has been used on smartphones for some time and now Apple is catching on. The latest iPhone uses 3D facial scans for security purposes like unlocking the phone itself and making payments.

In Sacramento County, the Bradshaw Animal Shelter uses the technology to reunite pets with their owners, and just last year, the sheriff's office provided about 500 of its personnel with facial recognition systems. They said it has already been successful in catching criminals.

But in the private sector there's not much interest.

Greg Stewart owns Sacramento Payroll Services, a company that sells bio metric data tools like a facial recognition timeclock. But in seven years, he hasn't had one buyer. He said the cost is probably the biggest deterrant along with privacy.

"People are worried a little bit about big brother and they're worried about oh gee is my face being stored and then entered into some other databases."

But others say the technology is inevitable.

Only time will tell.

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