Facebook post led to Crump Boulevard shooting that injured woman

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We now know what sparked a chaotic shootout at a south Memphis gas station.

Cameras were rolling when a brawl broke out in the parking lot of a business on Crump near I-240 Tuesday afternoon.

Footage shows the moment when a man backed away from the crowd during the fight, pulled out a gun and began firing, hitting one woman.

Two men on the other side started shooting back. In the chaos, one woman was hit.

Witnesses told detectives two of the people involved ran to a housing community across the street. That’s where detectives discovered Leroy Gary and his girlfriend, Brenda Alston, at Alston’s apartment.

“It’s horrible,” a man who frequents the gas station said.

No one answered the door at Alston’s home Wednesday.

But when police showed up the day before, they took her into custody, along with Gary, saying Gary admitted to wildly shooting into the crowd five times.

Officers also say when Alston walked in to be interviewed, a live round fell out of her shoe.

Gary told detectives the reason for the fight was on on-going feud over a Facebook post.

Not only did the shots ring out in the middle of the afternoon off busy Crump, but they also took place just a few blocks away from a police precinct. In fact the gas station is visible from the location.

Investigators say, when they searched Alston’s home they found several guns, ammunition and crack cocaine.

Records show Alston is only facing drug charges.

Those who frequent the gas station were sad to hear about the wrecklessness.

“We’ve got to turn things around gradually and start things going in the other direction,” one man getting gas said.

At last check, the woman who was shot was in critical condition. We’ve asked for an update but have not heard back.

There is now word if police are looking for other suspects.

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