Eye doctor provides tips to wear glasses safely while wearing mask for coronavirus

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you wear glasses, there's no doubt you've had trouble dealing with them fogging up when wearing a face mask.

A local eye doctor said it's possible to protect your health without having to leave your glasses at home.

"When you exhale, the air doesn't go up and hit your glasses because when it comes out of your body, it's 98 degrees, and it hits your lenses that are 70 degrees, and you could fog them," Seth Salley, an optometrist at Clearview Family Eye Care, said.

Many people have experienced the challenges of their glasses fogging up in public, causing them to have to readjust.

Doctors said this could increase your chances of contracting COVID-19.

Salley said most masks are not a one-size-fits-all. That's why he encourages people to try to customize them.

Salley suggested taping tissue inside the mask to get a proper fit. 

"Any kind of mask that you can get to fit well is better than no mask," Salley said.

He also encouraged patients to make sure they're disinfecting their glasses with dish soap and lukewarm water every morning and then allowing them to air dry. He said this not only washes away germs but helps to keep glasses from fogging when wearing a mask.

"The important thing is not to touch your eyes more than you already have to," Salley said.

Salley said right now, the CDC has recommended against routine eye care, unless it's an emergency.

He said he encourages all patients to call their doctors if they are in need of new glasses or contact lenses.

Salley wants to also remind everyone because we are in allergy season, make sure to keep a good supply of eye drops to keep yourself from rubbing your eyes.

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