EXCLUSIVE: Woman explains how teens stole her car, led police on high-speed chase while on Facebook Live

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Charisse Miller said she pulled up to a gas station on Winchester Road late Tuesday morning in a big hurry.

“I was in a rush and was about to go to a meeting," she said.

She says she was in such a rush, she left her car running. And it only took a few seconds for three teens to steal her car.

Surveillance video showed them casing it out, returning, getting in and speeding off.

“One of them chunked me the deuces and was like, ‘Alright baby,'" she said.

She reported it to police and even got a citation for leaving the car running.

Police set out looking for the car and within a few hours they found it. Officers said they tried to pull it over in East Memphis on Perkins, but the car took off.

“I started getting calls and texts: 'They stole your car. It's been in a high speed chase,'" Miller said. “I looked at the guy’s live in the car”

She's talking about Facebook Live video done by one of the suspects while they were speeding from police, at one point almost crashing head-on into a police cruiser.

Authorities said the suspects are ages 15, 16 and 17.

During the video, one of the teens even flashed a gun.

“People could’ve been killed especially within school zones," Miller said.

In fact, police said the teens did ditch multiple guns near an Orange Mound elementary school.

The chase finally ended at Barron and Baltimore, where police took the teens in to custody.

Miller said she learned a tough lesson, though she’s not taking all the blame.

"If I wouldn’t have left my keys in the ignition it wouldn’t have happened. Period. But it was their decision. I will never do that again. That was the first and last time ever I will leave my car running," she said.

She said she wishes the city had more after-school activities to give kids something to do. But she’s holding these teens accountable for their actions.

Authorities did not identify or share the charges in this case, due to the suspects being juveniles.

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