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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Evicted without enough notice, that’s what some housing advocates said is happening to Nashville renters.

Music City’s construction boom is causing growing pains in part of the city where families are being told to move out in order for new developments to move in.

For the Tolentino family, these last couple of days have been nothing short of restless.

“She said she can’t go to sleep at night, and she’s really worried,” said Camila Tolentino, translating for her mother. The family was told they had to find somewhere else to live by the end of August.

The Tolentino family has called the W.C. Mobile Home Community home for the past four years, but their dreams of raising a family there came to a sudden halt. Now, Camila said their mobile home is set to be demolished. The family said right now they have no idea where they will be staying once that deadline comes.

And they’re not the only ones. 48 families live in the mobile home community, and all were told they have weeks to pack up and move.

“About three weeks ago they received a notice by the ownership, telling them that they had to leave by August 31st,” said Cecilia Prado, with Worker’s Dignity.

Prado has been advocating for the residents at the W.C. Mobile Home Community on Dickerson Pike after she found out the property was being sold to a developer, and the homes that are there would be demolished. It’s something she said is happening more often – families are having to pick up and move in order to make room for new infrastructures.

“Nashville is rapidly gentrifying. People have been living in Nashville for generations. The people that are building the high rises, and all the new development, these are the same people getting kicked out of their own city. What’s going on in Dickerson is just the same thing,” Prado said.

From Dickerson Pike to the Mosaic Apartments, Prado said renters are being evicted without proper notice.

“It’s going to take many of us. We’ve already had to decline many calls coming from Goodlettsville and other places, just because we are out of capacity, but we know it’s coming,” explained Prado.

News 2 did reach out to the owner of the W.C. Mobile Home Community Property for comment, we have not received a comment yet.