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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Even with recent high-profile murders of police officers, 2015 may be one of the safest on record for those in law enforcement.

So far, 24 officers have been purposely shot to death while on the job.

Another five were killed when they were hit by cars, 19 in-car crashes, and the list goes on.

Most of the deaths happened in March, May and August with 16,16 and 14 respectively.

The website Officer Down Memorial Page maintains a running tally of officer deaths and the causes of those deaths.

For 2015, the site reports officer deaths due to gunfire are down 27% while deaths related to cars are up 10%.

Overall, line-of-duty deaths are down 6%.

As The Guardian first reported, 2015 could have the lowest number of officer murders in 25 years.

Killings of officers are definitely in the spotlight due to the current focus on police and community relations.