Entergy Mississippi explains Tuesday’s power black-out


MISS. — At the height of the winter storm Entergy Mississippi let customers know things were serious.

“It’s been 25 years since we’ve had a storm of this magnitude for Entergy Mississippi,” says Entergy Communications Specialist Mara Hartmann.

She says Tuesday they sent out messages that customers needed to cut back to keep the power on.

But WREG has learned some customers say they never got the message before their power was suddenly cut off.

“We started early early on Tuesday at begging people to please cut back and conserve. When MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator) directed us saying it’s not working, and we’re going to need you to implement these outages we had very little warning time. So, we did warn customers but there was not a lot of advance notice at that time,” says Hartmann. 

We asked if Entergy sent anything out to customers to alert them that the cutoff was going to happen.

“That it was going to happen? I think by the time it got out, it was almost over,” says Hartmann. 

Others said the message seemed a little terse considering the unprecedented temps in the single digits.

“And we did say that when cutting back did not work, MISO, our regional transmission coordinator, would direct us to implement mandatory forced outages, or rolling blackouts,” Hartmann.

Those blackouts happened Tuesday night from 7 to 9 p.m. Approximately 9,000 customers experienced a 45-minute to 1-hour power loss. About 400 of them were in Southaven.

But Entergy says other power outages like the approximate 89-thousand Thursday were all caused by the storm

They say everyone can help by calling about any power outages, disconnecting things that use a lot of energy so they won’t cause a second outage when those appliances are turned back on and being aware of down power lines when outside.

Because the worst may not be over.

“Over the next few days, for those without power, it’s going to be tough and hopefully we won’t have more outages, but we may, until temperatures begin warming up especially,” says Hartmann. 

Entergy says people did conserve power Wednesday, and that prevented another black out.
There are no specific requests on power usage right now, but Entergy says conserving where you can helps everyone.

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