Employees claim temp agency hasn’t paid them

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mother says her family had to do without this Christmas and she’s blaming the temporary staffing agency she works for.

Domonique McKinney was expecting a pre-Christmas windfall last Friday, just in time for some last-minute shopping, but she says Prestigious Placement never paid her.

“I had a full days work for $11.75 and it was a 12 hour day, so I was supposed to be getting a little chunk of change,” McKinney said.

McKinney said she’s tried multiple times to resolve the issue, but to no avail.

“I called my pay card, I put in my numbers. they say I have to wait until the agency finishes setting up my card.”

Online, WREG found other Prestigious Placement employees making some of the same claims.

One WREG contacted confirmed he was also waiting on a paycheck, but declined an interview request for fear of reprisal.

Another employee who complained of a delayed paycheck two weeks ago, told WREG Thursday she had now received her check.

McKinney said this is the second time she’s had this problem in her three months working for Prestigious Placement.

“That was gonna be my baby’s first Christmas, get him a little presents that he needed, but I couldn’t even do that,” she said.

WREG asked the company about the problem Thursday.

“Basically, when people don’t punch in and out that’s pretty much what it is and we have to go back and research,” said a manager.

She said it was essentially an employee’s fault if they didn’t get paid, but said the agency works with them to resolve those issues.

“We have them come in and we have them resolve it,” she said, adding it was only a small number of people who ran into this problem.

But McKinney said that hasn’t been her experience.

“They’re too unprofessional for me. They don’t answer the phone, they hang up in your face,” she said.

“I want my money they owe me so I can give it toward my baby for a late Christmas gift and move forward from there.”

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