Employees charged in beauty supply store theft ring

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HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. — A massive theft ring in Arkansas is now broken up. Police say, the women who were arrested were the ones supplying the beauty.

Baha Hamed is the owner of Beauty and Company. He says it took about a year for the investigation to be completed, but he's finally got the bad employees out of the store.

"We kind of realized that was an inside job, but we couldn't put our finger on it," Hamed said.

The business owner has stores in Mississippi and Memphis. But it's his store in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas where things weren't adding up.

"We were missing over $10,000 in hair products," he said.

Investigators say the former employees eventually took more than $70,000 worth of stuff.

"Pretty much anything they could get their hands on they took."

Hamed says the former manager Dimesha Prince was the ring leader of it all. She's charged with theft, along with former employees Robin Robinson, Tajana Johnson and Brianna Debnam.

"We have footage of her. I'm talking taking boxes, like black Friday bags, and just walking out of the store," Hamed said.

At one point, police say Prince told those working under her to take whatever they like.

"The women in charge told them, 'We all know you like to look beautiful. I know some of you can't afford to, so feel free to do whatever you want.' It was a meeting they had about it," Hamed said.

He says he might have never caught it if it weren't for a tip and the realization that the manger in question was also stealing company time.

"I didn't want to believe it."

Now that he does believe it, he want to make sure others know that's it's not a game. "They are going to prosecute these people to the extreme."

There are more employees that could end up being charged. But police are still investigating.


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