MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some encouraging news for folks in Marshall County, many who have been without power since Tuesday, in the wake of a crippling ice storm.

Governor Tate Reeves has ordered State emergency resources to the county to assist the Holly Springs Utility District in restoring power. WREG reports those living in the cold and dark are beyond frustrated with the local utility company.

The powers been off and on and off again at Tommy Skelton’s house in Marshall County.

He’s glad to know the State is sending help to get the power back on and blames Holly Springs Utilities for dropping the ball.

“They need to come on…that’s all I know. A lot of people waiting on some help,” Skelton said. “I’m pretty tee’ed off about it and I just think it’s ridiculous that ain’t nothing getting done no quicker than what it has.”

For now, his warmth and ability to cook coming from this small wood burning stove.

“You know…just little stuff that don’t take but a few minutes to warm up and eat,” Skelton said.

Skelton’s frustrations are shared by many as the weekend approaches. Lisa Gulledge left her cold home in Slayden, MS and is angered at how difficult it’s been to reach anyone at Holly Springs Utilities.

“We’ve been without utilities since Tuesday and when our utilities goes out we have no water or lights,” Lisa Gulledge said. “They re-route you to some other place saying they’re working on the situation and that’s the only feedback you get…that ‘we’re working on the situation.'”

In Holly Springs, power is slowly being restored as crews from neighboring counties are assisting, but those still without power are feeling “outage outrage.”  

“Three days and ain’t nobody been down there working on it and they call in other crews in from other different counties to fix their mess ups,” Gary Johnson of Holly Springs said.

Johnson says management at HSUD is in total chaos and Johnson’s five-year-old granddaughter is certain of just two things

“We don’t have no power and no heat,” the little girl said.

Officials with MEMA are scheduled to arrive in Marshall County this afternoon but it’s unknown what resources they will bring or where they will be sent.

In the meantime, we tried to locate Holly Springs’ Mayor Sharon Gipson for an update on power restoration but she was not at City Hall and no one knew where to find her.