MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The search continues for Eliza Fletcher, the missing mother of two.

From the sky to the ground, a massive search is underway across Memphis for Fletcher.

“More than anything we want Liza returned home safely,” said Fletcher’s uncle Mike Keeney.

It’s been three days since the schoolteacher was last seen after jogging near the University of Memphis campus.

Early Sunday morning, Memphis Police announced the arrest of Cleotha Abston. Investigators say he waited for Fletcher to run by him and forced her into a vehicle and then drove off. 

A police report revealed that DNA from a pair of shoes left at the scene linked back to him. Despite being taken into custody, investigators say he did not provide information about Fletcher’s whereabouts.

Law enforcement spent the majority of Sunday in South Memphis. Police told WREG that they got a tip to check out Pine Hill Park, prompting dozens of officers to fill the area.

Like many Memphians, Terrence Vann found himself keeping up with Fletcher’s disappearance and remaining optimistic as he spends an evening surrounded by friends, feet away from where officers are searching.

“I would hope that they find her alive cause she got people who love her, and it if it go any other way, I just hope that God can be able to comfort them,” Vann said.

A mile away from Pine Hill Park, officers were seen removing a dumpster from Longview Garden Apartments, which is where a relative of Abston lives.

Officers later returned to the complex to conduct a manhunt but did not provide specific details about who they were looking for.

Despite officers stopping at several other locations across the city, Fletcher has yet to be found.

“We believe someone knows what happened can help,” Keeney said. “If you have any information on this crime or Eliza’s location, call the police.”

The family is still offering a $50,000 reward for information about Fletcher’s whereabouts. If you know anything, call CrimeStoppers at (901) 528-CASH.