This story has been edited to accurately reflect the details of Eliza Fletcher’s abduction.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hundreds of runners gathered Friday to “Finish Liza’s Run” for the second year in honor of Eliza Fletcher, a teacher kidnapped and killed last September during her morning running routine.

The wife and mother loved to run, and she left her home on September 2 like every day, to do what kept her happy. Unfortunately, she couldn’t finish because Cleotha Abston-Henderson would allegedly take and kill her.

The community came together to finish what she started and honor her life and legacy.

They also wanted to spotlight the importance of women being able to safely run no matter the time of day without the fear of being abducted.  

The run began at 4:20 a.m., which is the same time Fletcher was reportedly taken.

Runners will do an 8.2-mile course starting at Central Avenue and South Belvedere Boulevard and running east on Central to Zach Curlin Street.

This year’s organizers are Charlie Hayden and Beth Garrison.

“As runners, we don’t like to leave things undone. And it just felt like this was something quiet and private that we could do,” Garrison said. “And it started out that way. It’s just a few of us getting together and finishing this run and supporting each other and, you know, doing something in her memory. And it just kind of blossomed and grew from that.”