MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Crosstown fitness instructor says hundreds of women have reached out to him for self-defense tips after the kidnapping and killing of beloved mother and teacher Eliza Fletcher.

Josh Metcalf, is the owner of Midtown Krav Maga in Crosstown where he teaches people strike by strike to fight back against their attacker.

He says following the traumatic killing of Eliza Fletcher in September, the Memphis mother who was abducted while jogging near the University of Memphis. He’s seen a significant increase in women wanting to learn self-defense.

“In that first month I’ve probably had over a thousand people click on my website,” Metcalf said. “Our membership base here at the gym has almost doubled the amount of women we have training.”

20-year-old Emily Landis tells WREG that Eliza’s story is why she joined the gym.

“I started to get worried about my safety living and working in Memphis and I’m not really a big girl, so I feel people will see me as an easy target,” said Landis.

The classes center around Krav Maga an Israeli fighting system that teaches people to use their body to generate power.

As for key moves to use on predators, Metcalf says women should always hit men where it hurts.

“You’re looking for soft vital targets like a male’s groin, you’re looking for the throat, for the soft facial tissue, the side of the knee,” said Metcalf.

Quick thinking, Landis says is improving her sense of security.

“I’ve learned how to defend from really any angle,” Landis added. “Definitely more empowered and confident, stronger and safer.”

In light of recent violence against women, we’ve seen more billboards and Facebook posts offering handgun training.

If you’re interested in learning more about Midtown Krav Maga, click here.