MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Cleotha Abston-Henderson, accused of taking the life of a Memphis mother, will remain in lockup as both the prosecution and his public defender continue combing over possible evidence in the case.

The chief prosecutor says things are slowly moving along, despite there being a lot of information to sort out.

Thursday morning, Cleotha was escorted into court. Judge Lee Coffee got right down to business, asking where things stood.

Paul Hagerman, Shelby County Assistant District Attorney, answered, saying, “There are some bench notes and things from TBI that we need to get her. There are some things she’s looking at, and both parties are asking you for a report date. Maybe in about five weeks or so.”

Jennifer Case, the Public Defender, suggested July 6, to which everyone agreed.

Before court wrapped up Thursday, Judge Coffee spoke directly to the victim’s family as they sat just a few feet from the man accused of forever changing their lives as well.

“It’s not going to range for two or three years before it gets tried,” said Judge Coffee. “If it cannot be resolved, we want to get this case, maybe not this year, but certainly before the end of next year.”

We caught up with Assistant DA Paul Hagerman outside court, who said the family continues showing up. “They want to see justice. They want to support Eliza, and they are strong.”

They, too, are waiting for what’s next in a case with a lot of information to sort out. “On our side, there is still some forensic testing the TBI is doing, so we are still waiting for those reports and that analysis,” said Hagerman.

Hagerman says ensuring the family is in the know remains the top priority despite so many unknowns. “We have been keeping them informed every sort-of step. They know what to expect, they know some things take time, and they are going to see this through to the very end no matter what.”

Abston-Henderson is charged with the kidnapping and killing of Eliza Fletcher back in September.