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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The 11 18-year-olds involved in a disturbance at a youth development facility in Somerville have been identified, and they’re all facing multiple charges. The 11 men, all 18 years old, are each facing charges of vandalism, escaping custody of an officer and inciting a riot after a disturbance Sunday at the Wilder Youth Development Center in Fayette County. One of them is also charged with resisting a stop-and-frisk arrest. Authorities said several housing pods were damaged in the incident, and cinder blocks were used to break windows, doors, security mirrors and security cameras. They said no one ever left the property.
The incident happened Sunday afternoon, and officials said the scene was controlled by 9 p.m. All youths in the facility were accounted for after the disturbance. All of the youths charged are being held in the Fayette County Jail. Crews are making repairs to the areas damaged. Authorities are still investigating and checking security footage to see what sparked the incident.