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(Memphis) A two hour class at the Shelby County Election Commission is getting poll workers ready.

We’re told everyone connected to the election is in training mode, hoping to ward off any more voting problems this Thursday.

News Channel 3 learned over  the weekend Election Commission officials sent out the call for help, asking the State Coordinator of Elections to be in Shelby County election day watching over the entire process.

It came a day after the Tennessee Secretary of State called for an audit of the Election Commission.

Secretary of State Tre Hargett said what is happening in Shelby County isn’t happening anywhere else in the state.

More than one thousand people have been given wrong ballots and election workers have put incorrect voter information into the data system.

“What we have seen is unacceptable. To know that this many people have been voting in the incorrect district, I think erodes pubic confidence,” says Hargett.

He called for the State Comptroller to audit the entire process, looking at processes, procedures and human errors.

There is no word on when that audit will start, though we are told it likely won’t be until after Thursday.

Shelby County Election Officials welcome the audit and are so concerned they, for the first time, asked the state to have a presence in Shelby County on election day.
“It’s frustrating. I have said I don’t think unacceptable is a strong enough word for what’s happened. There is an election on Thursday and our focus right now it making sure voters can vote where they are supposed to vote,” says Hargett.

 Once the audit is complete, the findings will be turned over to the Election Commission.

 It will be the Commission’s responsibility to make any recommended changes.