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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Workers sift through voter registration forms at the Election Commission gearing up for early voting.

Voting in the Mid-South is expected to be heavy, but some worry as hackers have already hit election systems in Arizona and Illinois.

“Other states have seem some issues, although it appears that those, the intrusions into their voter registration systems, were more of an identify theft issue,” said Linda Phillips.

Elections officials told WREG it’s not likely to happen here.

“The voter registration system runs on the Shelby County network. It’s a internal network and the Shelby County IT devotes a lot of resources to protecting that system.”

Everything is also backed up by paper and stored off site.

The Election Commission told WREG’s April Thompson hackers can’t tamper with election results either.

“Our voting system is secure. It is not network. It is not hackable. The only way to get to it would be to break into my building and then smile, you are on candid camera because we have a lot of cameras in that space.”

Election officials also said any information that hackers might get is already available publicly by walking into their office.

“If someone walks into my office with $40 and signs a paper that promises they are only going to use it for political purposes, they can have a copy of our database.”

But they are still taking precautions.

“There is additional checks for our early voting machines in particular. There are more seals. We are doing a better job making sure the machines can’t be tampered with.”