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(Memphis) The Shelby County Election Commission is accused of deleting the voting records of 488 people who are mostly African-American and Democrat.

Congressman Steve Cohen is calling for the Department of Justice to investigate the matter, all while the Elections Commission says there’s no problem at all.

Administrator Richard Holden volunteered to show us the database.

He said all the names and voting records are there.

A blogger accused the commission of deleting the records of 488 voters, to perhaps, prevent them from voting.

“I don`t have any records of ever providing data to anyone who lives in Seattle,” said Holden.

The blogger,, wrote she had access to the information because she served as consultant in a law suit against the commission.

But Holden said the accusations are unfounded, “There was no one`s voting history deleted.”

He said he checked more than two dozen names in the data base, including former councilman Edmond Ford Senior, and their voting histories are there.

WREG also took a look and the database did show Ford’s voting record all the way back to 1982.

While Holden says he did not check all 488 names cited as being purged from the system, he says he is confident the records are there, “I  want people to know  is nobody in Shelby County that is eligible to vote will be denied the opportunity to vote.”

Holden said the only way a voter’s record could be purged from the system is if they didn’t vote in the last two federal November elections.