Eden at Watersedge tenant says management won’t fix leaking outlets

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Fox Meadows woman says she’s living in danger.

Rosalind Jackson reached out to us at her wits end with Eden at Watersedge. She tells us she pays her rent on time and deserves a safe place to rest her head.

“The most concerning thing was there is water coming out of the outlets,” Jackson’s nephew explained.

That’s a red flag for everyone, considering electricity and water don’t mix. But so far, the family says managers aren’t in a hurry to help.

“I would ask to get out of the lease period, but she just wants to go somewhere safe,” he said.

Jackson says she just wants an apartment unit where she doesn’t have to worry about being shocked when she flips her light switch.

“She told them about it when the problem first started, and they never fixed it,” her nephew said.

Jackson says her hot water heater busted and flooded her apartment. She claims she want to the leasing office several times to tell them about the issue, but they claim they have no record of her complaints.

“You can see the consistency with her, because she is staying where she has been staying for nine years,” Jackson’s nephew said.

To this family, Jackson is doing her part. They says she pays her rent on time and expects a safe place to live in return.

We went to the leasing office to get answers. Employees closed the blinds and locked the office before we could even finish our sentence.

At last check the complex wasn’t budging on moving Jackson into a new unit.

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