East Memphis home break-in caught on camera, second time home hit in a year

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MEMPHIS, Tenn —The video crystal clear.

Two men bust through the door of a Sea Isle home in east Memphis.

Look closely they appear to only be inside a short time but it`s enough to do damage.

Homeowner Adam Wanderman got the alarm call while he was at work earlier this week.

“I was thinkin it`s happenin again. It`s the second time that happened this year,” Wanderman said.

Yes, you heard him correctly the second time!

The first, a few months ago, those thieves broke through a back window.

Since then Wanderman made some significant changes.

“I took precautions, I got extra cameras in the house, I got more glass break, you know sensors for glass breaking and added bars to the windows. Shay: It`s like livin in Fort Knox. I thought so,” Wanderman said.

He can slightly smile today because get this the two ball cap wearing crooks didn`t take anything.

But they did do about a thousand dollars worth of damage to the door.

And what made them take off so quickly?? Wanderman believes it was the sound of the home alarm system.

He does not think it`s the same people involved in the two break-ins but has questions.

“I don`t know what`s going on. I don`t know why my house is so attractive,” Wanderman said.

What`s alarming about this bold break-in is not only did it happen in broad daylight it happened right near an elementary school.

“I would love it if everyone in the neighborhood got cameras. If every time someone broke in they were getting identified I think people would stay away. They`d stay away from the area,” Wanderman said.

Wanderman plans to add even more cameras.

For now, his neighborhood is keeping a lookout for these guys and he’s asking you to as well.

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