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(Parkin, AR) Monday morning began with a shake, rattle and roll for folks in the MidSouth.

Around 7:39am an earthquake near Parkin, Arkansas shook much of the area.

The 3.9 quake was along the New Madrid Seismic Zone and could be felt in Memphis some 50 miles away.

News Channel Three received calls and Facebook posts from people throughout the Mid-South who felt the jolt.

In Wynne, Arkansas the earthquake got some people out of bed.

Most told us it sounded like a train or like something had hit their homes.

It only lasted a few seconds and wasn’t even strong enough to knock anything off store shelves.

Still, the people we talked to say it was a scary start to the day.

“I heard the big boom and everything just started moving around. Everybody was clinching on each other,” said Anne Patterson.

So far, there have been no reports of damages or injuries.