Earthquake felt across the Mid-South

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COVINGTON, Tenn. — People around the Mid-South felt an earthquake Tuesday morning.

The USGS estimates the quake registered a 3.5 and was centered 6 miles northwest of Covington at 8:26 a.m.

No damage has been reported.

A 1.5 quake was registered Monday night at 9:27 18 miles northwest of Dyersburg.

The Mid-South lies in the impact zone of the New Madrid fault line, a sleeping giant that is approximately twenty times larger than California’s famed San Andreas fault.

One of the biggest earthquakes in U.S. history happened in the New Madrid seismic zone in 1812.

An earthquake centered in eastern Arkansas rattled residents in multiple states in late October, making the quake the largest in the NMSZ in several years.

Experts said states that escaped physical damage from a New Madrid quake would still likely be paralyzed for days due to the interruption of crucial supply and communication lines.

Emergency responders suggest having a basic plan that family members, and neighbors, can agree on.

There are a number of helpful web sites we’ve listed below where you can learn more about earthquakes:

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