Dying Words Help Memphis Cops Catch Suspect

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(Memphis) Banging on a door brings an innocent homeowner front and center with a murder near Orange Mound.

The shooting victim's dying words helped police arrest a man they say pulled the trigger

Forty-three-year-old Dedrick Wiggins is charged with first-degree murder after a shooting on Spottswood.

"He banged on the door hard so I had to answer the door. And, when I came out it wasn't who I thought it was so I just ran to call the police," said neighbor Damian Negron.

Thursday, Negron found bullets lodged in his wooden door while cleaning up the bloody mess left behind from Wednesday's shooting.

He woke up to a man bleeding on his front porch asking for help.

Negron said, "He was yelling, call the cops. Call the cops. Call the police. Call the police."

The man who collapsed on his porch was Larry Richards from Orange Mound.

Richards survived long enough to tell police a guy named Dedrick shot him and took his cellphone and car.

Soon after, police arrested Dedrick Wiggins, well-known in Orange Mound as the former owner of the Orange Mound Car Wash.

WREG went to Wiggins' home. His mother answered the door.

When asked about her son's arrest, she said, "I was shocked and I'm still shocked. Still upset."

Wiggins was arrested leaving his mother's house, which is not far from where the shooting happened.

His mother said that she didn't know Richards, but there are signs that both the victim and the suspect had some type of relationship before the shooting.

Negron shared with WREG what the victim told cops before paramedics took him away.

Richards apparently told officers, "It was a set-up."

Negron says it seems Richards knew the people who shot him.

Police found the victim's cellphone ringing nearby when they arrested Wiggins.

Still, Dee, as the neighborhood calls him, denies having any part in the murder.

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