Dyer County man creates foolproof tool after school shooting in Florida

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DYER COUNTY, Tenn. — Cory Needham says in the wake of another mass shooting, he used his skills to make a device that would protect students from someone trying to get into a classroom.

Needham made a foolproof tool that keeps the door shut in nearly all circumstances.

"This is just a tool to slow somebody down. It's not a problem fixer," he said.

The tool is a piece of metal that is welded and then wedged into a door frame, essentially creating a powerful lock.

"The door is now secure. You can't get in," he said.

WREG pulled the doorfrom the outside, and the door didn't even budge.

"With the tools and stuff we've got here, we can cut this out and bend it in about five minutes a piece," Needham said.

He also created a contraption for doors that open to the side.

"This is a spur of the moment deal. We made a couple of them to test it out. We threw it on Facebook, and it went crazy since," Needham said.

He says steel companies, and other strangers, offered material to cover the costs of getting the tool into schools.

Those donations are dropping costs, which total about $25 a piece.

"We're trying to get them as cheap as we can," he said.

Needham says he plans on reaching out to local school districts to see if they're interested.

He describes his tool as something simple that schools do now to prepare for the worst. "This is to slow down somebody who has lost their mind."

Information on the device can be found on his business' Facebook page.

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