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MEMPHIS – The Memphis football team working out to a different beat Wednesday.

The Tigers taking part in a team building workshop hosted by Youth Villages, utilizing 120 drums in a therapeutic African drumming exercise designed to serve as an outlet for both physical and emotional expression.

The goal… a positive coping mechanism.

Being nontraditional is exactly the point for this program. It is something Youth Villages has used for 13 years, working with groups and teams, around the Midsouth.

“Some of the seniors that were here last year. They got to do this last year and they said it was a ball,” said Tigers freshman receiver Destun Thomas.  “So I know a lot of us have been asking to do this.”

“You get your goofy folks, folks who can’t catch on and all that. But it just gives you that side that just shows everybody’s personality,” said Tigers freshman receiver Tim Toney.  “It’s just a lot of fun.”