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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Their voices were loud and their message clear as day. Protestors said Friday police are killing young black men and not being held accountable.

It’s a message Teresa Carter has shared with experience.

“It’s been two long hard years for me,” Carter said.

She wore handcuffs as she marched in honor of her son Chavis. He made national headlines after he was found dead in the back of a Jonesboro police squad car. Police say he shot himself with a hidden gun, even though he was handcuffed and had been frisked.

“It’s a mess, we all just want justice, you can’t keep killing us and our kids,” Carter said.

Police were called out for the group at one point as they blocked an intersection, but officers say they quickly complied.

WREG heard many people driving by, shouting the n-word and other racial slurs. Still the group marched on.

Carolyn Rook wasn’t one of the people shouting racist remarks, but she did disagree with their criticism of police.

“If he sees someone breaking the law and they need to stop, they need to stop. Don’t argue with them, do what they say and fight it out in court,” Rook said.

Sam Williams, a former officer, said in his whole career he never shot anyone, but arrested many. He says it can be done.