Drivers fear someone could get killed at dangerous intersection in busy travel area

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BARTLETT, Tenn. — People in Bartlett say an area they travel almost every day isn’t safe. They’re demanding the city do something about the five-way stop at the intersection of Memphis Arlington Road and Broadway.

They say a stoplight needs to go up in the area before something bad happens. A lot of people tell us they see a number of drivers getting impatient in the area.

They’re calling it a dangerous intersection, and they’re afraid someone’s going to get hurt.

“I think this five way stop, it can be quite confusing,” one driver said.

Petra Foy travels that way every day to and from work. She says the most frustrating part about coming that way is that drivers don’t know when it’s their turn to go.

“The biggest concern is that it can be an accident easily, sometimes people get congested right in the middle and it can cause an accident because you just never know who’s to go next,” she said.

Reginald Lee, who owns a computer shop near the intersection, sees a number of drivers get impatient.

“I think sometimes people can get hasty instead of waiting your turn, I just think it just comes down to the basic rule of thumb, whoever gets to the stop sign first should be the person that goes,” he said.

Another concern is the railroad crossing.

“When the train comes it gets even more confusing because of the turn lane is backed up and the ones that are not going through the railroad crossing, the traffic is just steady going,” one driver said.

Some say their biggest fear is that someone will get killed there. That’s why they want to see a stop light there soon.

WREG has made several attempts to contact Bartlett Police since last week and ask about the accidents in the area. We are still waiting to hear back from them.

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