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(Memphis, TN) Wednesday just before 9:00a.m., police said a driver shot at an ambulance on I-240. No one was injured, and the ambulance was not hit by any bullets.

Allen Wilkerson, who owns Eagle Medical Service, said his two medical technicians had just dropped off a patient for dialysis, and were on their way to pick up another patient for an appointment.

They were driving from downtown east on I-240 when they noticed a green Ford Taurus swerving in and out of lanes. Wilkerson said his employees tried to make way for him.

The driver of the Taurus then pulled up alongside the driver’s side of the ambulance and gestured angrily.

In case his employee had accidentally cut him off, Wilkerson said “[My employee] tried to gesture that he was sorry, by shrugging his shoulders, throwing his hands up. The driver threw his finger up and said, ‘just a moment,’ reached down and pulled out a black, automatic pistol, pointed it at the driver.”

Wilkerson said his employee sped up and changed lanes to avoid him, but the driver then pulled up on the passenger’s side of the ambulance where the second EMT sat.

Wilkerson said the man fired at least one shot, missing the ambulance entirely before exiting onto South Parkway.

“Why would someone want to shoot at an ambulance?” Wilkerson said, “We’re the good guys.”

Many wondered the same thing. One viewer on Facebook wrote, “what the heck is wrong with people?”

Another wrote, “must be personal issues.”

Wilkerson is just thankful his employees weren’t hurt and that no patient was in the vehicle.

“There are compressed gasses and oxygen and such. It could have hit the oxygen tank and caused an explosion.”

Eagle Medical Service mainly focuses on non-emergency transport. Their clients are too sick or injured to travel to the doctor without an ambulance and stretcher.

Still, their EMTs are trained to always be ready to help people after trauma. They just didn’t expect to be in the midst of danger themselves.

“Both my employees are shaken up, both of them have small children. One of them stated the only thing he could think of going through his mind was his little girl.”