Driver Hits Woman Pushing Baby in Stroller

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(Memphis)  A South Memphis family is upset that police only gave a man a warning after he drove his truck into a woman who was pushing a baby in a stroller! The accident happened just before 9 a.m. Sunday morning on East McLemore near South Lauderdale.

The family was pushing the baby in the bike lane.  They say they've pushed the stroller down the sidewalk before on McLemore and it gets really bumpy for the baby because of huge cracks in the sidewalk so they push the baby in the bike lane just for a short time but this time it got them into trouble.

“We used it until we got right there,” said Mother Angela Chambers.

Chamber’s four-month-old baby has no idea about close calls but his mother sure does, “That man came up and he went boom!”

While little Cameran was being pushed by his aunt down the bike lane, Thomas Lamon was pulling into church, “I spotted a lady in my right eye and I saw her go down,” he said.

“Is the woman hurt?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yeah,” said a bystander. “She is in the ambulance.”

“He hit the back of my auntie's leg and he grazed my baby's stroller,” said Chambers.

An ambulance took the aunt to the MED to get checked out, as both families stayed behind disagreeing on who was to blame for the accident.

“She was standing in the middle of the street!” said Linda Shields, the sister-in-law of the driver.

“Police told her she was wrong being in the middle of the street,” said Lamon.

While the 66-year-old admits to having eye problems from cataract surgery two years ago, he says it wasn't factor. Police apparently agreed and didn't give him a ticket.

“That`s not right,” said Chambers. “That`s just not right.”

An officer told the mother, no matter the condition of the sidewalk, bike lanes aren't for babies.

According to Tennessee law, if a sidewalk is available, pedestrians are required to use it.

The baby’s family says they plan to contact an attorney.

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