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OXFORD, Miss. –The University of Mississippi has a new chancellor.

During a news conference held Thursday, the university announced it had selected Dr. Jeffrey S. Vitter to step into the role.

The announcement came just several days after the IHL Board named Vitter as their top choice out of eight candidates who were interviewed.

Vitter said he wants to make sure the school maintains both excellence and affordability.

He also said he supports the students recent decision to remove the state flag from campus.

A lot of changes are happening at Ole Miss, a new leader and to students, a new outlook on diversity.

“We want to be an inclusive university and be open to everybody, and I think it’s great the student body represents this,” student Caleb Keathley explained.

That is an effort Dr. Vitter said he plans to continue once he takes the reigns as chancellor next year.

“To me diversity and equity are absolutely important. They’re fundamental priorities for me.”

Vitter said he wants to be an accessible and hands on leader.

When it comes to his view on Initiative 42, a constitutional amendment which would require the state to fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program he said, “What’s fundamentally important is the value of education and the best investment that anyone can make is to education, especially higher education.”

Students said they are excited for the school’s future and think with Dr. Vitter at the helm, it is looking bright.

“It’s only going to get better from here, and I’m excited to see where it goes with our new chancellor,” student Alexis Miller noted.

Vitter will not officially start until February.