Dozens of handbags stolen in just 34 seconds

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. —  Dozens of “Coach” handbags were stolen in just seconds after a smash and grab in the middle of the night at the Saddle Creek Shopping Center.

Two men were caught on camera pulling up to the store with white gloves and black hoodies with the words “Player 1” on the back.

One of the men used a tire iron to crack the glass, break through and then run inside.

The second man followed him in and they both grabbed handbags, went outside to dump them in their car, and rushed back for more.

Germantown Police were there in sixty seconds, but were already too late.

The men had grabbed the items and left in 34 seconds according to the time stamp on the security camera.

A former department store employee told us Coach bags were very popular and were often the target of crooks.

“People came in and stole all the time, we kept them behind the counter so they were locked up,” said Jacques Causey.

Other shoppers blamed the poor economy for the theft,  but did not excusing it.

Then we met Sarah Walker who was 90-years old and lived through the Great Depression.

“That was the worst, but you learn to live with it. You don’t go stealing,” said Walker.

Another popular purse brand “Michael Kors” just opened a store down the block.

Police said they hoped you’ll recognize the crooks before they come back.

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