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TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. — Dozens of people were arrested following an operation at the former Maserati Club in Mason.

According to the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office,  the operation took place during a CD release concert for Memphis rapper, “MoneyBagg Yo,” and focused on criminal and gang activities.

More than 60 local, state and federal agents were involved in the operation.

Approximately 28 people were arrested.

Ten  weapons including 8 handguns, a .223 caliber assault rifle and a 9MM submachine gun  were recovered, along with a bullet proof vest, drugs, and cash.

Several of those arrested were known gang members or their associates.

A 17-year-old was cited to Juvenile Court for simple possession and released to his parents.

Three others, Jabber Jones, Martavious Curtis, and Brando Higgenbottom, were cited for simple possession of Marijunna.

The concert organizer was also cited for selling alcohol to minors.

Arrested included: