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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Joshua Walton is hooked up to a breathing machine after he was shot outside of a Pinch District restaurant on Saturday.

He was one of three people shot in Downtown Memphis over the weekend.

The Walton family was sitting on the patio at Westy’s with one of their three daughters when a masked man walked up, cursed the group out, and pulled out a gun.

“My husband has been shot. My husband has been shot. Call 911. I’m trying to myself. Get help. Get help,” Nova Walton described frantic moments to WREG.

The memories are haunting.

“Before you know it. It was — he had pulled his gun and shot him,” Walton said.

She witnessed her husband taking a bullet.

“Everything stopped. It just — all feeling just went gone. It’s hard to explain exactly how I felt at that time. I was cold,” Walton told WREG.

The details are chilling.

Walton said Justin Welch shot her husband between his collarbone and neck.

“I sat there and held him until the ambulance got there,” she said.

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Walton and her baby girl saw Al Sakan get shot seconds later.

“The other gentleman that was there was trying to protect everybody, and he also got shot in the process,” Walton described.

“I know Josh is strong. We’re all behind him 100 percent,” Jake Crawford, with Chive On Memphis and the Mid-South, said.

Friends and loved ones rallied around Walton with messages of support.

Josh is a member of Chive On, a charity organization “that strives to make the world 10 percent better.”

The organization that helps the little guy who cannot help himself.

“As of right now, Josh is the little guy that needs it,” Crawford said.

A father, husband, and a provider — Josh’s family is struggling to get by while he is in the hospital.

Walton asked, “How am I going to pay this? How am I going to pay that? What am I going to do?”

Questions the group hopes to find the answers to at a fundraiser for Walton at the Fox and Hound in Cordova at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

“We love you, Josh,” friends and supporters screamed.

CLICK HERE to donate to Josh’s family and medical expenses.