Downtown Memphis Post Office on Alert Due To Ricin Letters

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Update- CBS reports Kenneth Curtis of Tupelo, MS man has been taken into custody for sending letters containing Ricin.

(Memphis) The postmark on the Ricin laced letters sent to U.S. Senator Roger Wicker and President Barack Obama show they came from the United States Postal Service location at 555 South Third Street in downtown Memphis.

“That facility there on Third Street it does handle mail that comes from northern Mississippi, as well as Tupelo Mississippi,” said USPS representative David Walton by phone Wednesday.

It is also possible someone dropped the letters off at the facility.

At the USPS location on South Third employees were briefed at the beginning of each shift.

One postal worker said they were asked to be on the lookout for “flu like” symptoms.

“We have been giving our employees stand up talks, keeping them briefed on what is going on. Employees are well aware of what is happening,” said Walton.

Employees said they have not been asked to wear gloves like they’ve been asked in previous bio-hazardous scares. So far no employees have reported illness.

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