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(Memphis) It can happen to almost anybody and it did happen to Guy Collins.

“I got into a small crisis and I ended up losing my employment. My rent is due,” Collins said.

Collins is going through what other Memphians and Shelby Countians have experienced. It’s the financial hardship that comes after losing a job and not being able to find a new one.

In Collins’ case, he recently lost two jobs. He worked for a company as a forklift operator and for another one installing guard rails.

“In some ways it made me feel like less of a man because I’ve been to almost every place in Memphis to find me a job and the reason they won’t hire me is because of no high school diploma and GED.”

The lack of a job and the lack of income turned Collins’ life upside down until he was told to reach out to MIFA.

“I had a friend tell me about MIFA and they said if anybody out their that could help you. It could be MIFA.”

He signed up for emergency assistance from MIFA and it’s Plus-1 program. Plus-1 provides utility assistance for seniors, single moms, single dads and others going through a financial crisis.

“If it wasn’t for this I would probably be out on the streets because I wouldn’t have income to pay my lights. So, I really appreciate MIFA for giving me chance.”

Plus-1 partners MIFA and MLGW.  MLGW customers fund the Plus-1 program by adding a dollar or more to their utility bills each month.

“If it wasn’t for God I wouldn’t have come down here and gotten the help from MIFA, if it wasn’t for God.”

Last year more than 11,000 customers contributed to Plus-1 helping about 1,200 households and the need is still great today.

It’s why people like Guy Collins say Plus-1 donations are not a handout, but a helping hand.

“MIFA is reaching its hand out to people, MIFA wants to help people, but MIFA needs help itself. We need people to donate if they can. MIFA isn’t asking for much. They are just asking for a little.”

You can help by contributing to the program Monday, April 7.

We will feature live reports all day on WREG News Channel 3, ending with a 30 minute program at 6:30 p.m.

The show will focus on people who have been helped by Plus-1 and a phone panel to answer questions and help MLGW customers sign up to help.