Domestic violence victim speaks out after brutal attack

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A single mother in Whitehaven says she woke up to her boyfriend strangling her and then hitting her repeatedly in the face until she passed out.

Rita Allen survived the attack and then shared the details on Facebook in hopes of encouraging other victims to seek help. She thinks this exposure will benefit others.

"I couldn't believe it. That he would go to this extreme to do this," she said. "It was in the daytime."

Allen said Thursday afternoon was like any other. She was sleeping after working a long overnight shift.

"He came in. Started choking me," she said.

The single mother said she woke up to her boyfriend, Fredrick Bullock, on top of her.

"He was striking me at the same time and saying, 'I want to make sure nobody else wants you!' Hitting me in my face saying the same thing," she said.

Allen passed out.

"When I woke back up. I was on the bed. He still had me. His hands were around my throat. Choking me," she said.

Allen said she kept fighting and eventually escaped. She ran to her neighbor's house to call 911.

"He actually tried to kill me," she said.

Bullock was taken to jail on aggravated assault and kidnapping charges while Rita was taken to the hospital.

Hours later, she got on Facebook and told her story.

She posted picture of her injuries showing her swollen eye and bruised face. She wanted the world to know what happened.

"Spread. Share. Whatever I need to do to share my testimony. It's to help. It's not to have sympathy or nothing. It's to help the next person," she said.

Allen said like many others, she hid the abuse for years. Always forgiving and trying to forget

"He always said he was sorry. He was going to stop. It's like when he was stopping, it kept getting worse. It kept getting worse," she said.

Allen hopes her story encourages other victims to seek help.

"Please! Don't look over it. Get help. Abuse is real. I almost lost my life," she said wiping away tears.

She and her daughters will soon start counseling through the county.

If you or your loved one is being abused, call Family Safety Center's Crisis Line at 901-222-4400.

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