Dog rescued by Bartlett officer, reunited with family six years after he disappeared


BARTLETT, Tenn. — A Bartlett woman was reunited with her dog six years after he disappeared thanks to a police officer and the local shelter.

The Bartlett Police Department shared the sweet story on their Facebook page Friday. According to the department, Officer Rodriguez was in the area of Alturia and Stage Road on April 20, when he saw a small dog running across the road.

Not wanting the little guy to get hurt, he coaxed the animal into his patrol vehicle and took him to the animal shelter. Luckily, the dog was microchipped, making it easy for the shelter to contact the owner.

Making this story even more special, the little dog—named Little Todd or “LT”—had been missing for six years.

“The shelter said when the owner came to claim her dog, she just cried and cried happy tears,” the department posted on social media. “She was so glad to see him again. It is truly a miracle he is back home.”

Owner Nikki Scott says it’s almost like he never left.

“As soon as I saw his face, I’m like ‘That’s LT.’ There’s no mistaking that face. That’s him,” Scott said.

She says six years ago, he ran off chasing something from the front yard. They drove through the neighborhood calling for him, but he never returned.

They looked for him daily.

“After probably six months, we resigned to the fact that he probably wasn’t coming back home,” Scott said.

The shelter’s manager says it’s also important to keep information updated if you move or get a different number, so that if your animal is lost it has a way back to you, no matter how much time has passed.

“It’s really important that you do this because collars can fall off, tags can fall off. This isn’t going anywhere, this is there,” said Angela Klein.

The Scott family believes another family cared for LT all this time, which is something they’re thankful for.

The Bartlett Animal Shelter says it microchips pets every Tuesday for $15.

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