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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tired of your vehicle looking faded and dull? Wipe New claims to protect and restore your car, plus give it a showroom shine. But Does It Work?

Charles Sweeny is the equipment manager and travel coordinator for the Memphis Grizzlies. When it’s basketball season, there’s no time to hand wash the car.

“When we’re in season, it’s drive-thru. Get it done, and get it done quick,” he said.

“Off season, I take time, about an hour every other Sunday, to wash my car,” he added.

Charles hopes Wipe New lives up to its claim of wiping once, and that’s it. His current routine takes a few steps.

“Once to get the base off, then do it again to make it shiny, clean and slick,” he said.

By the time he would return from a road-trip, it was time to do it again.

Wipe New comes with a 1.5 oz. Wipe New solution, three applicator cloths, a headlight prep pad, a detail brush, and a pair of gloves.

We started off with the bumper. As the instructions stated, we cleaned the bumper first. But only the right side of the bumper. We left the left side untouched so we could hopefully see a difference.

“Be interesting if it works. This is faded!” Charles said.

Next we moved to the side mirror, which had a good amount of sun damage.

“Hopefully this can stay new, shiny and clean!” Charles said.

Then we moved to the interior with a new applicator cloth. The dash needed a little TLC! Charles noted Wipe New was close to Armor All, but, “It’s not as slick as Armor All.”

Which he was happy about. Charles figured the initial coat would look good, but only time would tell if it would keep its shine, so we checked back in with him a week later.

You could tell a difference between the treated area and the side of the bumper we left untouched. The interior kept its gloss, and the side mirror looked new.

Wipe New, you passed the Does It Work test!

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