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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Lynda Biggs is a Realtor who is consistently on the go, “Putting a sign in the yard, a key box on a house, I’m showing a house, going to attorney’s offices for closings.”

Biggs spends more time in her car than in her actual office, “I’m in my car, i would say, at least five hours a day.”

When Lynda is rolling in her office on wheels, its hard to eat healthy when the majority of the quick options are drive thrus.

She hopes Snackeez can give her the ability to pack healthy snacks that will stay cool and fresh while she is on the go, “I would do fruit, I would do nuts. I would like to be able to keep things cold.”

Snackeez is a 16 oz cup with a 4 oz stackable snack cup that fits inside the main cup with a quick twist. It also comes with a straw and a flip lid to keep the snack in place and fresh.

We started off with a 16 ounce beverage.

Snackeez can hold all 16 ounces, but we added ice and then placed the 4 oz snack cup on top.

It was too much, so we had to pour a little out.

We filled the snack cup with a good amount of grapes.

It was then time to hit the road.

Snackeez had no issue fitting in any of the cup holders in Lynda’s car, “It is easy to open. Also kind of, to me, the perfect height.”

But can it stay cold as we checked on Lynda’s listings?

It did, and it passed the ‘Does It Work’ test.