‘Eggies’ claim to harden boiled eggs without the shell

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Do you hate peeling the shell off a hard boiled egg?

We tested a product that could save you from a shelly mess.

Ragan Oglesby is a personal chef, caterer and the Cosmopolitan Cook each month on Live at 9 and was the perfect person to test the Eggies.

Eggies comes with a lid, top and bottom egg shaped container and collar to secure it.

There is a container for large eggs, one for egg whites plus an egg separator.

Ragan says she adds vinegar to the water when she makes her hard-boiled eggs because it helps release the shell from the egg.

But what happens when you’re rushing and forget to add the vinegar?

She says, “It's like putting a puzzle together with a thousand pieces. Trying to peel, peel, peel, and then you destroy the egg."

Ragan was in charge of the large egg and WREG's Corie Ventura had the egg whites.

According to the instructions, you sprayed non-stick cooking spray on a paper towel and coated the inside of the top and bottom.

She cracked open the egg and poured it into the Eggies, closed the lid tight and dropped it in the pot of water.

We used an extra-large egg, so cook time was set for 15 - 19 minutes.

We cracked open another egg over the egg separator to cook the egg whites.

It caught the yolk, and the rest dripped into the Eggies.

Close the lid tight and into the water it went. Cook time 3 minutes.

After 19 minutes of cook time, large egg wasn’t fully cooked.

Eggies, you have filed the Does It Work test.

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