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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tired of having cereal every morning? How about an egg sandwich? The Easy Eggwich claims to make the perfect breakfast sandwich in one minute, but Does It Work?

Kristin Watkins is the food nutrition director for Morrison Healthcare and doesn’t always have time for breakfast.

“Being on the go and having to be at work early to feed the patients, I’m not a big breakfast eater,” she said.

She loves eggs, but cooking an egg breakfast during the week is too much to pull everything out.

“Saute pan, whisk, spatula, and get it on a plate,” she said.

She hopes the Eggwich can live up to its one-minute cook time and easy clean-up!

“Wouldn’t have to clean my saute pan. I could just put this in the microwave, put it on an English muffin, and go!” she said.

Kristin was intrigued by the cooking process, too.

“It steams the egg so it won’t be rubbery. Sometimes if you put an egg in the microwave in a bowl by itself,  it can tend to get a little rubbery,” she said.

The Eggwich comes with two Easy Eggwiches and a recipe guide. Since no butter or oil is needed, the instructions call for cracking one egg into the Eggwich, whisking, placing the lid on, and placing it into the microwave.

As advertised, we punched in one minute for the cook time.

After cooking, the Eggwich was easy to pick up and the handle wasn’t hot. But was one minute enough time to fully cook the egg?

Yes! The egg was fully cooked and perfectly round. Plus, there were no issues transferring it from the Eggwich to an English muffin.

“I’m surprised it came out as well as it did,” Kristin said.

It was so simple that Kristin thinks the kids could use it, too.

“It would be great for a kid to use for an after-school snack or in the morning time cooking their own breakfast,” she said.

Easy Eggwich, you passed the Does It Work test!

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