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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Kiwi may be tiny, but it’s packed with Vitamin C, making it a good fruit to keep on hand. But boy, is it a pain to peel!

Purchased off Amazon for $4.19, the Two-in-One Kiwi Tool has stainless steel wires and an easy grip handle.

“It says right here that is completely separates the kiwi from the skin. And it cuts ideal sizes for fruit salads and snacks. Love it! And love simple instructions. All you have to do is insert and twist. Lets find out!”

Corie Ventura grabbed a kiwi and sliced it in half.

“I feel like the product is so much bigger than the actual fruit, and I wonder if its going to butcher it. Ruin it.”

Well, only one way to find out. She inserted the kiwi tool into one half of the kiwi and twisted. It didn’t ruin it at all. It quartered it perfectly!

She inserted the tool again into the other half and saw just how close it peels.

Two- in- One Kiwi Tool, you passed the Does It Work test.