Does it Work: Tornado F4 Can Opener and Easi Twist

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hand crank can openers are a pain to use and when you do open the can, you have to carefully lift the lid. Hopefully the Tornado F4 Automatic Can Opener is as easy as it claims.

WREG’s Corie Ventura snapped in three AA batteries and turned it out. It automatically stopped after going 360 degrees. But the lid didn’t attach to the magnet as stated. The instructions noted that if the lid doesn’t come off to gently squeeze the can and the lid should attach to the magnet.

It came off perfectly with no jagged edges.

The can opener was then tested on a can of black beans and it worked great.

Time to open jars with the Easi Twist.

It has four sizes you can choose from so Ventura started off with the largest size to open a jar of pickles. After getting an arm workout in, she was finally able to stretch it out far enough to wrap around the lid.

“You really have to pull this really wide. Like wide. There we go. Okay!”

It did open along with a jar of pasta sauce, a small jar of jam and a bottle of water.

Pretty impressive!

Tornado F4 Can Opener and Easi Twist, you both passed the Does It Work test!

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