Does It Work: The Zyliss FastCut Herb Tool

Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Yvette Kirk loves to cook.

"I use it to sort of relax at the end of the day."

When it comes to using herbs, she said she's all for it.

"I will pretty much put an herb on any meal that I can. Including...I put them in my smoothies," said Kirk. "I'm really into cilantro right now. It's a very cleansing herb. It helps you remove a lot of heavy metals and toxins from your body."

She normally uses a big knife to chop up parsley and cilantro. But for harder herbs like rosemary she said they've got to be done in a specific way.

"You have to take it off the stem in a certain way. Then you have to hold it pretty tightly because it's so hard to chop."

Hopefully the Zyliss Fastcut Herb Tool will make chopping herbs much easier and faster.

It has five stainless steel blades and comes with a blade cover.

We kicked off our test with Kirk's current favorite herb, cilantro.

She placed a good handful of cilantro on the cutting board and rolled the blades up and down. It rolled with ease through the cilantro.

"It definitely looks like it would make a beautiful garnish on any dish."

Next up, parsley. But this time, Kirk rotated the blade to change the direction. This allowed her to cut side to side instead of up & down.

"It took seconds and look how small and beautiful the pieces are."

But what about a harder herb like rosemary?

"It's doing a pretty good job of getting those small cuts."

We also tried it on dill, basil and chives and it rolled right through with speed and ease just as it claimed.

"It's a little bit faster and gets you a very consistent cut with a variety of different herbs."

Zyliss Fastcut Herb Tool, you passed the Does It Work test.

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