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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Yvette Kirk is taking part in the Whole30 movement. What is the Whole30?

“It’s a thirty day reset where you remove foods that are thought to or are well known to cause inflammation or at least be problematic in most people.

On the plan you remove sugar, alcohol, legumes and dairy. That leaves a wide variety of meats, vegetables, fruits, nut and seeds.

It’s easy to say that Kirk has become the queen of slicing fruits and veggies. She wondered if the Veggie Wedgie would make it any easier or quicker.

Purchased off Amazon for $12.99, the Veggie Wedgie has builtin in stainless steel blades and the blades are angled to reduce the amount of pressure needed to push the veggies through the cylinder.

“I always use cucumbers and carrots. Let’s try those first.”

Kirk prepped the ends of the cucumber then sliced it in half. She placed half of the cucumber into the Veggie Wedgie, lined up the top and pushed down. Unfortunately, the cucumber was too big for the cylinder and got stuck.

“Well, that got pretty stuck so maybe if we tried a skinnier cucumber.”

Take two was a lot easier.

Kirk then tried a carrot and got a better result.

“The carrot was pretty easy.”

While it did slice the food, Kirk labeled this one a buyer’s choice.

“The product is a little awkward and tough to use. I feel like with a sharp knife, I can get in there and have a lot more control.”