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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tired of peeling potatoes by hand? The Starfrit Rotato Express claims to instantly peel fruits and vegetables with a quick push of a button.

Purchased off Amazon for $17.81, the product comes with two spare blades that are stored underneath as well as a thumb knife to remove any blemishes left on your food.

First up on the peeling block was a potato.

According to the directions, you center your food on the bottom holder, lower the upper food holder and then raise the cutter arm so it rests on top of the food to be peeled. Then press the red button.

The cutting arm followed the odd shape of the potato and peeled it fast.

WREG’s Corie Ventura got the same results after testing a mango and a zucchini.

Starfrit Rotato Express, you passed the Does It Work test.