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Does It Work
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Yvette Kirk has fun incorporating cauliflower into her meals. No matter how you cook it, she loves it.

“Steam it or I’ll throw it in the oven to roast it. Or I might even freeze some of it and use it in a smoothie to help give it a little bit if extra creamy texture.”

But using a kitchen knife to prep the head of cauliflower can be a hassle.

“You kinda have to take it carefully and chop in on the sides and kind of rotate it. And you’ll always kinda get little bits and pieces that get chopped off with the knife because a knife is straight and cauliflower is not very straight.”

Hopefully The StalkChop can make prepping a cauliflower much easier.

The blade is curved to fit under the cauliflower head better and it’s dishwasher safe.

“It’s light weight and it looks like it would be easy to use.”

According to the directions, all you have to do is insert the blunt edge between the florets and stalk. But first, Yvette wanted to see if The StalkChop could cut through the thick outer leaves.

“Ohhh. That was easy. Nice.”

Time to see if we can truly remove the florets in seconds with little waste!

“I’ll just go through on the stalk…wow!”

She was able to break up the florets with The StalkChop into more bite size pieces without butchering them and minimizing waste.

“Using The StalkChop makes purchasing and prepping a whole head of cauliflower just as easy as buying one of those pre-packaged floret bags.”

The StalkChop, you passed the Does It Work test.

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